IN PRIMO PIANO: E-ADNI pilot-project

The European Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative: a pilot study of the European Alzheimer’s Disease Consortium “Pilot E-ADNI”

The Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI) aims to collect  imaging and biomarker data which would validate these markers for use in AD treatment trials. The overall goal of the Pilot E-ADNI project is to test the ability of European centers to (i) implement the US-ADNI data acquisition procedures and (ii) use it on the US-ADNI target groups (healthy aging , MCI, and  Alzheimer’s disease).

The aim of this pilot project is to demonstrate that the core ADNI methodology, i.e. standardized and centralized collection of MR imaging, clinical data, blood, and CSF samples can be adopted by European Centers of the European Alzheimer's Disease Consortium (EADC). Six test sites and 9 subjects will be involved to collect data at  a single timepoint. Once collected by the participating centers, data and specimens will be sent to central repositories.

Time frame: March 1st 2006 to February 28 2007.

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MRI Scan Manual English Biological Protocol
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